Thursday, April 24, 2014

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

An Interview with the 2014 Showcase Seniors - Knocking it Out of the Park.

What a great half-an-hour.

The Bloginator had a chance this afternoon to grab all thirteen Senior Showcasers and ask them about their journey this year. it was a lovely conversation…

So, what have you learned since coming together 8 months ago….

Laughter…. "Everything!"….

Maggie Monk
Maggie Monk - Originally, I thought I wouldn't be able to get involved with the Senior Showcase because of  the financial burden. But because we did EVERYTHING on our own I was able to commit. I knew what it was going to cost, where the money was going,  and then we worked together to raise the cash.

Lauren Davis
Wesley Broulik (professor) - They even made decisions about the theatre spaces.

Lauren Davis - We worked on fundraising all year. We were our own

Eilis Godfrey
Eilis Godfrey -The ideas for fundraising were fun. We wanted our supporters to be involved with our process. So we tried to develop fun incentives with a lot of humor

Aquirra Lundy
Aquirra Lundy - That's right! Just take a look at our Sizzle Reel. It was so much fun to film and put together!

Ian Stearns - With only 13 of us it was a great group size to work with - we could split up the work, and
reasonably debate our decisions.
Ian Stearns

What are you passing on to the next Senior Showcase?
Catherine Reagan

(More laughter)… followed by "Spreadsheets!"

Madeline (Maddy) Bryan - We researched and collected every agent and casting director from NYC and LA AND DC.
Madeline Bryan

Catherine Regan - We checked and DOUBLE checked!

Zach Brown - We came up with cost
estimation and how we raised every dime!

Zach Brown
Lauren - We even acquired the domain name!

Tell me about your creative journey this year

Dorian Dozier
Dorian Dozier - I think we started coming together at the Christmas Cabaret.

Maddy - Yes! We really bonded as an ensemble!

Morgan Meadows
Morgan Meadows - We learned how important it is and how to be consistent. Wes says "You have to leave your heart on the stage EVERY time." We learned how to do that!

Blair Wingfield - We found out that you can
get closer and closer to a consistently fine performance every day you work on the material.

Blair Wingfield

James Murphy - Wes and Jorge and Kiersten held us ALL to higher standards and expectations. And the group really supported each other.
James Murphy

Maggie - The group was so generous - we shared material and worked together on what was the best option for everyone.

Maddy - Wes worked for us too. He never clocked in and out - and always worked for what was best for the the students and for VCU

Andrea Willcockson
Andrea Willcockson - We started from scratch and made something that Theatre VCU seniors can benefit from for years after we leave here. We created our own tools and resources. I think we have a lot to show for all our hard work.

Zach - Together we are working for our future. We really started from nothing and now none of us feel unprepared to handle this business.

James -  Wes, Jorge and Kiersten told us what honestly to expect. They have encouraged our dreams while we establish realistic expectations. They have been our champions.

Maggie - We have learned how to knock it out of the park.

Come see the 2014 Senior Showcase Friends and Family Show - April 28th, Newdick Theatre, Shafer Street Playhouse, 5 & 7 pm

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Senior Showcase 2014 - Friend and Family performances April 28th 5 & 7 pm at the Newdick Theatre (Shafer Street)

The Bloginator is pleased to introduce the  Theatre VCU 2014 Senior Showcase
Catch them in Richmond before 
their LA and NYC
Friends & Family Show
April 28 - 5 &7 pm
Newdick Theatre
221 N. Shafer St.

Monday, May 12 - 1 & 7 pm
Matrix Theatre
7657 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90046

Monday, May 19 - 6, 7, & 8 pm
The Studio Theatre at Theatre Row
410 W. 42nd St.
New York, NY 10036

Performance run 45 minutes.
Space is limited, please RSVP by May 9th.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Our very own Joshua Boone opens on Broadway in June!

This week made the announcement that Joshua Boone (BFA, Performance, Theatre VCU 2010) will be a principal player in Holler if Ya Hear Me - the new Broadway musical inspired by the lyrics of Tupac Shakur!

This is what says about this groundbreaking musical:

Holler If Ya Hear Me, the world inside Tupac Shakur’s music and lyrics, “blazes to life in a non-biographical story about friendship, family, revenge, change and hope. Inner city lives struggle for peace against the daily challenges they face in this entertaining and original musical,” according to press notes. “Through the poetry of one of the 20th century’s most influential and culturally prominent voices, we are given a window into realities of the streets still relevant today.”

Theatre VCU patrons will remember Josh tearing down the house in the 2009 production of Ain't Misbehavin' - highlighting the great music of Fats Waller.

Since graduation Josh has been hard at work at his craft. His resume already includes:

Choir Boy at Alliance Theatre; In the Heights at Pioneer Theatre Company; Well at Virginia Repertory Theatre; Cutman: A Boxing Musical at Goodspeed. Off-Broadway: Felony Friday at Fringe Festival Encores; Central Avenue Breakdown at New York Musical Theatre Festival/Daegu International Musical Festival. Television: Law & Order: SVU. 

View the wonderful VCUArts video interview with Joshua Boone in the Blorinator's last post.

Go get 'em Josh - we are all very proud of you!

Joshua Boone, VCUarts Theatre, Performance Alumnus

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Arabian Nights on Channel 6's Virginia This Morning show!

We love the CBS/Channel 6 show Virginia This Morning!

Yesterday Theatre VCU's cast of Arabian Nights were asked to visit Virginia This Morning to perform scene from the play, which is opening FRIDAY NIGHT at 7:30 in the Singleton Performing Arts Center!!

FIRST the fabulous David Toney & Ciara McMillan spoke with the lovely Cheryl Miller

Followed by a wonderful performance

Go HERE to see our actors on television!

We got to watch it later in the green room. It was a fun morning!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Hey Theatre VCU performance majors - in case you haven't signed up for the Fall MainStage Shows Audition - here's the skinny:

Mainstage Audition Sign Up Sheet for
Macbeth & 
Man of La Mancha
 Cattle Call for Both Shows 
Friday April 18, 1pm - 6pm • Shafer 302
REQUIREMENTS: Please come prepared with a one non-gender specific minute monologue from Macbeth and 16 bars of a song (bring the sheet music with you). Songs from “the Golden Age” are recommended. IF YOU PLAY THE GUITAR - bring the instrument & 16 bars of music & be prepared to play.
All performance majors are expected to audition with a monologue and a song
 Arabian Nights cast members - please sign up for an early slot on Friday so as not to conflict or 
cut it too close to your call for the performance that night.
Call backs (including a dance call) will be posted Friday night on the callboard and on the
SM Blog ( ). It will begin Sat., April 19 at 10 am in Shafer 302.
Copies of both scripts will be available in the main office to be signed out for 24 hours.


Sign-up sheet on the board across from the elevator - 2nd Floor PAC