Monday, September 29, 2014

Only one week left for you to see Theatre VCU's beautiful production of MACBETH!

Theatre VCU's Macbeth has everything 
that makes live theatre fun…. and exciting!
Take a look…


Lots and Lots of Blood
Comedy…. yes. really...

More Fighting…..
Bloody Ghosts…..
And Macbeth Madness.

 One last week.
Don't miss MACBETH

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Macbeth - Rehearsal photos show the tension… the work… the process

Theatre VCU Performance major Seth Ray Hewitt has been posting some beautiful Macbeth rehearsal photos of the cast on stage before the beautiful costumes and the full make up.

The Bloginator loves seeing the work behind the show.

What do you think?

Meanwhile… there's some magic being made in the Costume Design/Tech department 
(thank you Emily Atkins for the photo)

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Look Who's On a National Tour!!

Our very own Tony Tillman (BFA Performance 2013) is on the Mamma Mia! National Tour!

Tony is playing Eddie. Take a look at his career on the Mamma Mia! site:

Let us know how it's going Tony!

Reminder to all current 
Theatre VCU students:

Next Thursday, September 25 is MACBET's open night

That night only tickets are $5.00 for all Theatre VCU students! 
Buy your tickets now at the Box Office 
& be sure to bring your student ID!

Dress up and join the celebration! There will be a reception in the lobby following the show.

We will all be there to support the hard work of the Macbeth cast and crew!

News From VA REP to 
ALL VCU Students 

We are holding seats for VCU students for the evening of Friday, October 3 for $14.  The students can call 282-2620 and pay for their seat as a part of this group.  
VCU students are invited to join UR students that evening at 6:45 for a reception and comments by Bruce Miller and Jan Powell.    

Students who cannot attend that evening can attend any performance for $10.  That rate is only good day of show but there should be tickets.  

Other adults in the VCU community - faculty, alumni, etc can use this code for a $5 discount for any show by using the code VCUSHAKES online or at the box office.

Here's more about the show:

It is 1606, and Shakespeare has been commanded to write a propaganda play about the Gunpowder Plot, in service to King James. Will he agree to be a pawn in the cynical gamesmanship of the king’s spymaster, or will he equivocate—lie by telling the truth? The playwright, his acting company, and a variety of historical figures clash in this high-stakes political thriller about the complexities of the truth and the terrible consequences of compromise. Read the Press Release (PDF)

“One of the most bracingly intelligent, sizzlingly theatrical American plays in a decade.” Variety

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Theatre VCU is all over town… and if you're a student there are some great ticket deals!

Our very own David Emerson Toney is directing Frederick Knott's 
Wait Until Dark 
at Firehouse Theater. 
Opening Sept. 18 and running until Oct. 18.

An apartment in 1970’s Greenwich Village becomes the site of theatre’s most terrifying game of cat and mouse. Desperate to reclaim a mysterious doll stuffed with illegal drugs, a con man lays a trap to ensnare a blind woman.  With the help of his criminal cohorts and a few clever disguises, he spins a tale to fool the innocent and unsuspecting woman.  But when the doll can’t be found, the situation spirals out of control.   From the author of Dial “M” for Murder, Wait Until Dark proves that what you can’t see can most definitely hurt you.

Also the main character, Susy, is being played by Ciara McMillan (3rd year performance, Arabian Nights)

Other VCU students & alumni  in the cast:
Sam - Saidu Tejan-Thomas (Mass Comm, VCU, Arabian Nights)
Mike - Nicklas Aliff (Theatre VCU alumnus)
Policeman 1 - Jordan Jones (1st year Theatre VCU Performance)

Policeman 2 - Andrew Reid (2nd year, Theatre VCU Performance)

Preview Night (College Night) is this Thursday Sept. 18. All student tickets are $5.00 (with your VCU ID). During the run student tickets will be $16.00

According to Style Magazine:
The powerful "H2O" marks an auspicious debut for 5th Wall Theatre."

Starring two Theatre VCU alumni : Landon Nagel and Liz Earnest.

Here's what Style says about Landon and Liz:

"With his Everyman face and obvious charm, Nagel puts in an effortless performance as Jake."

"In the hands of a lesser actress, the role could easily be seen as supporting and one-dimensional, but Earnest works to show the character's complexity."

Thursday - Saturday at 8PM, Sunday at 4PM at Theatre Gym at Virginia Repertory Center, 114 W. Broad Street

September 4 – 27, 2014

Contact Billy Christopher Maupin for student ticket information -

Opening September 24 at Richmond Triangle Players
Noel Coward's Design for Living

Directed by alumnus Justin Amellio

and featuring alumnus Jeffrey Cole

Sept 24 – Oct 18, 2014
Three bohemian artists grapple with the pleasures and challenges of a ménage à trois lifestyle in this sophisticated and innovative comedy that scandalized two continents when it premiered! Gilda loves Otto, and it’s entirely mutual. But Gilda is rather fond of Leo as well. Leo adores Gilda – but come to think of it, Leo and Otto have a bit of history, too. So which of them will pair off, and who’ll be left out in the cold? Well, why should they have to?  What’s that all-too-common comment on relationships: “It’s complicated?” This one just happens to be rather more complicated than most!  A classic comedy where the morality is in the eye of the beholder.

Meanwhile in NYC David Leong (Theatre VCU Departmental Chair) with the assistance of  Brad Willcuts (Theatre VCU MFA 2015) is choreographing the many complex and exciting conflicts in the Broadway bound Amazing Grace - opening in Chicago this October! How cool is that?

Olivia Luna (Theatre VCU Perfomance Alumnus) was that you we saw on the new ABC dramatic series How to Get Away with Murder? PremieredThurs. Sept. 25.
 Looking great and living the dream!

Congratulations and Break Legs to ALL our Theatre VCU peeps!!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Much goes on…. and on… and on

We've got Man of La Mancha rehearsals starting to percolate - One week in already!
Stage managers  - look at Miss Kat working that ruler.

The cast on the first night of rehearsal. 

Xiolin's costumes are amazing distressed leather 

...take a look at the designer with the armor.

Speaking of Costume Design/Tech…

Lindsay Austria
Toni-Leslie James, head of Costume Design) has been hard at work on two pre-Broadway musical productions slated to open on Broadway in the spring of 2015. Bull Durham and Amazing Grace.

Amazing Grace: A New Musical (music and lyrics by Christopher Smith, book by Smith and Arthur Giron) will have it’s pre-Broadway premiere in Chicago in October. This huge musical has over 160 18th century costumes. Theatre VCU alumni and current students has been hired to create many of these gorgeous costumes.

Matt Armentrout

The VCU team consists of:
Joshua Quinn – Asst Costume Designer, United Scenic Artists 829 – VCU MFA 2013
Gloria Kim – Costume Illustrator, Shopper, 18th Century Fan Designer – VCU BFA 2013
Michael Magaraci – Shopper, Men’s 18th Century Neck Wear Designer - VCU BFA 2012
Neno Russell – Draper, Pattern Maker – Theatre VCU, Director of Costume Technology
Matt Armentrout – Draper Pattern Maker, Asst. Wig Designer, VCU BFA 2012

Theatre VCU current students and alumni have been responsible for the production of 115 Amazing Grace garments. The stitchers include:
Neno Russell

Sophia Choi - VCU BFA 2015
Lindsay Austria - VCU BFA December 2014
Isabela Tavares de Melo  - VCU MFA 2014
Devario Simmons – VCU MFA 2015
Emily Atkins – VCU MFA 2015
Casey Jones – VCU BFA 2016
Willa Piro – VCU BFA 2016
Kiyoshi Shaw – VCU BFA 2014
Anastazia Whittle – VCU BFA 2015
Breanne Levandowshky – VCU BFA 2015
Maura Cravey – VCU Faculty

Also assisting the Theatre VCU Shop Assistants
Grenville Burgess – VCU MFA 2016
Raven Wilkes – VCU BFA 2015

Meanwhile, in Atlanta, Bull Durham has over 150 costumes, the majority of which are shopped. The Bull Durham team has been led by J. Theresa Bush (VCU MFA 2013).

Toni-Leslie James believes in our students!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Let's Get This Party Started!!

It's true the 2014/15 year is about to roar out of the gate - and there are all kinds of news you need to know. Let's start with this:

The Scottish Play is in Rehearsal

Warming up in 72

 Director Barry Bell explaining the finer points

The Team - Stage Managers Rachel, Hannah & Barry

Check out Xiaolin Lan's 
gorgeous Macbeth costume renderings:
Lady Macbeth
One of the Witches

Murderer I


MacBeth Himself.

Don't forget
Departmental Welcome on 
Wednesday, Aug. 20th is 

First years - 2:00 in the PAC lobby
(you too grad students)
3:00 pm

You don't get in the building if you don't fill out a 
NEW Locator Card.
(We don't care if you filled it out last year, really, we don't.)