Monday, December 1, 2014

Time to Build the Ball!

Anyone interested in the 2015 Theatre VCU Masquerade Ball should join us THIS Wednesday, December 3, 2014 - 12:15 second floor PAC.

We are forming some committees
Talking about one last Bakesale this semester.
Choosing a Ball logo

Enthusiasm is welcome.

Please come by for a few minutes. It will be fun. Really.

In the meantime… which one do you like - One, two or three?

Monday, November 24, 2014

These guys are coming to speak to Theatre VCU students today at 5:15… how bout that!

Angus Macfadyen: Professional actor currently working on Turn.  Most known for Braveheart, Saw III, Equilibrium, We Bought a Zoo, and others.

Still of Angus in Braveheart.

Kevin McNally: Professional actor also working on Turn.  Most known for the all the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, Downton Abbey, Supernatural, and many more.

Still of Kevin in one of the Pirates movies.

Both are excited to come talk to any performance majors in Newdick today at 5:15.  Both of these men began on stage and transitioned to film, and both still do stage when they can.  They are going to be here to answer questions, so bring your all your questions! 

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Save the Date! High School Theatre Design & Technology Exposition - April 25, 2015

Design, Technology and Craft Exposition & Competitions! 

Scenic, Costume, Lighting, Sound & Makeup Design 
as well as
Costume Construction, Scenic Construction/ Painting, 
Props, Stage Management

A full day of Workshops such as:
Makeup  Model Making
Costume Design  
Costume Construction 
Lighting Design 
Stage Management
Portfolio Development &
Applying to Universities 

Your work will be critiqued by our professional
designers including Broadways' Toni-Leslie James!

Lunch with the Design Faculty and 
Theatre VCU students

Exhibition of award-winning 
Theatre VCU student designs

Attend an evening performance of 
Frankenstein: Dawn of a Monster

$30.00 per student for entire day


$10.00 per student for  
Frankenstein: Dawn of a Monster

Send your Application in BEFORE March 15 and  attend 
Frankenstein: Dawn of a Monster for FREE!

For More Information
Ron Keller (
or call

Be a part of the first HS Exposition at Theatre VCU!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

We need some serious input about a not-so-serious subject…. call it the "HolidayHooHa" call it the "TheatreatreVCUHoovalation" We don't care… we just want you to call it "yours"

Hey ALL Theatre VCU Students!!

This one's for you.

it's been QUITE a semester - Every semester is HUGE….

that's why we have a blow-out with the Ball in May (by the way – there's a meeting for anyone and everyone who can give the Heaven & Hell Angels & Demons Ball a boost on this Friday, Nov. 21 at 1:15 on the second floor of PAC - drop in for a few minutes and let us know what would be fun to do and how you can help us do it - the more that pitch in - the more better, right?)

THIS SEMESTER - we want to give you an end-of-the-semester gift in the form of an afternoon/evening of food, performances, Secret Santa presents, holiday foolishness.

What would you like to do?

Let us know - we'd like to give you a celebration that you helped us design.

Here's what we have so far:

• December 4th at 5:00pm - Location TBA.

• Susan Schuld and her talented troupe of Radio Players will give us a heartwarming portion of "It's a Wonderful Life" Radio Drama with a Holiday sing-along

• Cookies, Hot Chocolate (or coffee), Candy Canes

What are YOUR ideas?

• Holiday Karaoke?

• Secret Santa gifts (under $10)?

• What other food?

• Bad Christmas movies?

• Photos with Santa?

• Ugly sweater contest?

• The best of No Shame?

• Charades? (really… what?)

WHAT DO YOU THINK would bring us all together to celebrate another HUGE semester? We want to do it.

Email me ( - Facebook me - slide secret messages under my door.


Monday, November 17, 2014

Our second week of Man of La Mancha was sold out - Have you bought your tickets for the final week yet?

Only one week left!

Theatre VCU's
Man of La Mancha
is getting standing ovations and standing room only crowds.

It's the musical you don't want to miss!

Audiences have been loving this tale of the mad knight, and James Taylor's rich baritone brings to life "The Impossible Dream", "Dulcinea", and ", Don Quixote"!

Check out last Thursday's  appearance on Good Morning Virginia -

For tickets go to

or call the Box Office at

Reserve your tickets now - we would hate for you to miss out!!