Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Bloginator has left the building

It's been grand.

After 12 amazing years as Theatre VCU's Creative Director (a very grand title we made up) Glynn Brannan is sailing dramatically and stoically into retirement via Disability. A little Macular Degeneration, and just the tiniest smattering of Freakin' Heart Failure (insert tubercular cough & dramatic languishing photo here) and it was time to go.

I have had the most marvelous time at Theatre VCU.

I've worked with people who I adore
(and a few who absolutely came inches from death by exacto filleting.)

I love my kids, and am heartbroken not to be teaching this year.
I will miss this

Teaching you was the best.

and this.

I will miss the work.

But I'm going to spend all my time doing this:

Thank you to my wonderful friends - too many to name.

Please stay in touch with me
There's Facebook... or email me at

It's been a helluva ride kids. I will miss you more than you know.

And remember: 
Grow things,
Try not to be a Dick.

(I now release the blog to the capable folks at Theatre VCU)


  1. Oh Glynn!!! you made VCU such a caring place. I will always cherish how you made me feel - I needed you. I am so lucky to have had you as a teacher, mentor and friend! I feel sorry for the kids who dont get to have your class. I love you!!!

  2. No! Not Glynn! Say it isn't so!

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