Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Great Theatre VCU alum news from Chicago & Washington DC

Rob Fenton is in the Chicago production of Columbinus

Being remounted and getting a lot of coverage! This is the first show of the Arts Emerson World on a Stage season featuring art, film, and theatre from all over the world.Arts Emerson  

go HERE for a great article in the NY Times

Here is the Arts on Emerson  website

Here's Rob in a shoot from the production of Pinocchio/Frankenstein - he's front right

We also have bery busy alumni in Washington DC:

The Three Musketeers is getting rave reviews - playing NOW at the Synetic Theatre.

Go HERE to the Synetic Theatre website

Dallas Tolentino - D'artagnon
Kathryn Kelly - Ensemble
Brittany Dilberto - Lighting Design
Eric Arnold - Assistant Lighting Design

Go HERE for a great review from Washingtonian 

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