Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A letter from Wesley Broulik with Theatre VCU's Senior Showcase 2014 in LA

The beautiful girls!
Hello everyone,

Los Angeles has been going swimmingly so far.

Better than expected so far.

The house is terrific, students are driving and dealing with traffic and everyone has had some In-N-Out Burger. (Yay!)

Yesterday was the workshop with Arlie Day and today is the day that focuses on moving, living and surviving here. (Arlie was AWESOME and the students loved her.)
The handsome guys!

After this trip, everyone should have a clear picture of what Los Angeles is like and is it right for them.

Attendance at the performances was light but we got enough of what we wanted. (CBS came!)

There are several agent/manager appointments so far and more will roll in today as well.

I have had some feedback (in writing) from the agents and it was all really good.  The industry people were very pleased, and they wrote to me unsolicited. That makes me feel like we are on the right track, and after this year, we will actually have relationships with some industry.

So, for our first stab at actually showcasing in Los Angeles, I don’t know how it could have gone better. Especially since nobody had ever heard of our program. (Yes I had to explain who we are, where we are and what we do to everyone.)

Let’s hope next year is easier and our brand grows a little more through word of mouth. These things take time and don’t happen over night.

Now it’s time to get back to work on NYC from beautiful, sunny California. More later!

The whole gang with Arlie Day




  1. Congrats Wes et al. Knock them dead!

  2. Thanks for the update! I am so happy for you all! Keep it up, friends!